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Selling Your Home in NYC? 8 Affordable Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

David Saba

David Saba has become a well respected real estate professional within New York City in a very short amount of time...

David Saba has become a well respected real estate professional within New York City in a very short amount of time...

Jun 7 3 minutes read

On average, people form an impression of a home within the first thirty seconds of seeing the house.

This makes curb appeal a critical element in both wowing neighbors and selling a home. Increasing curb appeal doesn't have to break the bank.


Front porches, especially screened-in front porches, seem to be a catch-all place for random pieces of furniture, yard tools and so much more. Devote an afternoon to de-cluttering the area to make it look beautiful.

Seating areas always add a welcoming vibe to any home. That's why so many people use random rooms in their homes as sitting areas! Take the time to arrange a cute seating area on the front porch. Pick up affordable porch furniture from a local department store. Finish the relaxing look with a few potted plants to increase curb appeal.

When the entire exterior of a house looks nice, it gives people the impression that the interior of the house is equally nice. Trim the edges. Pull weeds in the garden. Make sure that the grass is neatly mowed. If necessary, pick up some lawn paint to instantly transform brown grass from an eyesore into a beautiful green lawn.

The front door is the first thing that people see before walking into a home. Typically, people will notice the door before anything else. This makes it one of the most important features of any home, especially for homeowners that want to sell their home. Start by giving the door a fresh coat of paint. Paint the trim around the door at the same time. Then, give it new hardware that complements the vibe of the rest of the home. Finally, put up gold or silver house numbers on the door as a finishing touch.

Too many plants or porch ornaments can be counterproductive. Instead of increasing curb appeal, this will make the home appear cluttered, messy, and chaotic. Always remember that simple decorations and fixes are the most effective way to make a home look welcoming.

Rent a power washer for the weekend to instantly make the exterior of the house look brand new again! Start by power washing the home, carefully going over every piece of siding to remove dirt and debris. Then, use the same method to transform dingy driveways into beautiful parking spaces.

Potted plants can instantly make any area feel relaxing! Carefully place plants along the edge of the stairs. Select medium-sized plants to put on either side of the front door to add an elegant appeal to the front porch. Potted plants can be a great way to increase curb appeal without spending a small fortune.

The gutters are the most overlooked part of any house. Unfortunately, the leaves in the gutters can easily be seen from the street. Break out the ladder or call a professional to properly clean dead leaves and other debris out of the gutters to give the home a neat, polished look.

Increasing the curb appeal of a home is necessary to help sell it, and to make the house look nice for the entire neighborhood. Use these tips to make a drastic change without overspending.

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