Jean Alerte
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Jean Alerte, DHL is a real estate emissary with over $75 million worth of industry transaction who is out rightly aiming for nothing more than to please his clients while nullifying buyer’s remorse. In addition, he is not only an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and consultant, but he is also a loving husband, a caring father, and an established renaissance man who provides leadership and guidance to professional-minded individuals in need of enhancing and mobilizing their businesses. The scope of his esteemed-strategic mindset focuses on real estate; however, he retains the ability to connect and build with all types of establishments and walks of life. He practices deep-seated contemplation that far-outreaches average thinking and his initial contact is an exuberance of confidence and remarkability as it is captured by numerous media outlets including NBC, FOX, ABC, ARISE, CBS, Centric, and Black Enterprise. Furthermore, an impassioned man who envisions a future encapsulated with “go-getters,” Dr. Alerte empowers the young entrepreneurial population with his #FaithGrindInspire program that permits the youngsters to pursue their futuristic endeavors via a collegiate scholarship.

As far back as Dr. Jean Alerte can remember, he has never been one to complain, meaning he would not worry and/or bicker about the rain because he would walk in between the raindrops if need be to get his goal accomplished. This is the type of attitude that has guided him throughout his years. Retrospectively, there are many things that he is proud of, but nothing brings him more joy than a hug from a family member. Dr. Alerte was born in Port au Prince, Haiti and when he was still a young child his family relocated to the New York City area. This is where—through unyielding desire, dedication and determination—he ultimately began a meaningful professional career in his later teenage years as a premier agent, who secured an executive position with a real estate agency before his 25th birthday. More accurately, he has nearly 20 years of business experience with 10 of those years spent in the mortgage bankers industry and while implementing his managerial dexterities he was able to train and transform the lives of over 20 loan officers. His skillsets are honed in on marketing, managing, and selling, and while utilizing his abilities in real estate and different sectors of private business he has maintained a trajectory of excellence as he worked with sophisticated corporate clients and world-renowned celebrities. Moreover, Dr. Alerte has impressively produced comedy shows featuring: Chris Tucker, Kevin James, Charlie Murphy, and Kevin Hart.

Today, Dr. Alerte, his devoted wife, and beloved son are Brooklynites and it is in this NYC borough that they created the ACA Branding Agency along with Citadelle Publishing, a partnership that helped to publish various noteworthy titles such as Dr. Alerte’s own bestseller: “Do Right, Do Good.” His Brooklyn ventures included being the Owner of Brooklyn Swirl, the first neighborhood yogurt shop, and also being the Executive Director of the Unity in the Community Foundation of Brooklyn, where he is personally responsible for the uplifting and betterment of many high school students in the immediate area with distributing thousands of dollars in scholarship money for higher education. Once again, enthusiastically and emphatically, it is Dr. Alerte’s complete intention to also support and educate young people all throughout the country with his didactic entrepreneurial program entitled: “FAITH GRIND INSPIRE," which currently teaches free enterprise and governance advantage points to over 3,600 inner-city students. Inclusively, the Faith Grind Inspire movement has blossomed into the #1 business podcast on the OG Network, which is now broadcasting from Madison Square Garden and reaching a massive audience. Feel free to reach out and contact Dr. Jean Alerte for all your real estate needs.

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